SOTU is a near-duplicate image/video retrieval/detection toolkit fully based on bag-of-visual word (BoW) scheme.  In SOTU, we provide solutions for both efficient near-duplicate image retrieval and detection. The major difference between our scheme from traditional BoW is that SOTU incorporates visual and geometric verification during the online retrieval stage. Besides integrating the scheme proposed in [1], SOTU also offers options to perform traditional BoW retrieval and BoW retrieval with Hamming Embedding (HE) [3] and weak geometric constraint (WGC) [2] support.

Functions Integrated

  • Bag-of visual keywords generation
  • Vector Quantization with various schemes
  • Hamming Embedding Training
  • Near duplicate Retrieval/Detection with various schemes

Core idea with examples

  • Truth positive and false alarm with matches of visual words
  • WGC [2] Higorams
  • EWGC [1] Higorams


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